Why We No Longer Know How Babies Are Made

If we would accept the dominant trans narrative, all external distinctions between men and women are merely performance.

Before my transition, I “presented male.” Now I “present female.”

“Trans women are women. Trans men are men.”

If we suggest anything even remotely to the contrary, we are mistreating trans people by invalidating their identities.

But there’s a problem.

This line of reasoning shuts a blind eye to the central fact of reproduction. Babies are made by men impregnating women.

“No, that’s transphobic. You can’t say that babies are made by men impregnating women. Not all men can impregnate someone, and not all women can be impregnated.”

Okay then, let’s phase it in terms of sex rather than gender. Babies are made by biological males impregnating biological females.

“Nope, that’s transphobic too. Sex itself is a social construct based on multiple characteristics. But these are not always unambiguous. And trans people find ways to alter many of those characteristics, including hormones, secondary sex characteristics, and external genitalia.”

Oops. Okay, sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Let’s try again. Babies are made by genetic males impregnating genetic females.

“Nope. Not that either. We don’t go around testing people’s genetics. We shouldn’t be making that kind of transphobic distinction. And even if we did, there are sometimes genetic abnormalities that make the division into two genetic categories problematic. Thus referring to people’s genetics is an illegitimate way to marginalize trans people.”

Okay, so then. What categories does the trans community have left for us to talk about reproductive roles?

Ah, I know. You talk about ‘assigned gender at birth.’ How about, someone who was assigned male can impregnate someone who was assigned female.

“But we all know that those gender assignments are sometimes faulty. Trans people are wrongfully assigned their gender. In a perfect world, we would not assign any gender to children until they are old enough to express their own internal gender.”

Oh, how about this? Babies are made when a sperm-producer impregnates a uterus-bearer.

“I’m glad to see you’ve finally overcome your transphobia!”
Okay. So then how are babies made?

In a transgender world, we don’t know really.There’s no way to designate who is a sperm-producer and who is a uterus-bearer. On the dating scene, it’s pretty random really. Maybe you’ll hook up with someone who happens to be a match, and one of you will impregnate the other. But it’s just as likely you’ll end up with someone who’s not.

We have no language left to tell what a person is transing from. We used to, but now we’re more enlightened.

But quite honestly, we’d prefer not to talk about making babies in general. It trans people feel bad. It’s a reminder that there is underlying reality behind society’s division of people into men and women.

“There you go being transphobic again. And we thought we had educated you.”

We Had Our First Kiss at the Altar

When I got married, we didn’t kiss until after our pastor pronounced us man and wife!

Here’s why we did it, and why I believe it was positive for our relationship.

But being transgender, there was also a major plot twist in our life that dramatically changed how I tell this story and what it means to me now, almost two decades later.

On Proverbs being for “young men”: Prov 1.8; 2.1; 3.1; 4.1, 3, 10, 20; 5.1, 7; 6.1, 20; 7.1, 24

I Used the Men’s Bathroom

On Twitter and YouTube, I am currently in conversation with radical feminists and other gender-critical folks.

So I got into a discussion about the bathroom issue. These folks see transwomen as men. And many of them do NOT want men in women’s bathrooms.

And I’m a transwoman.


Should transwomen use the men’s bathroom?

While I personally think those folks are probably wrong on the bathroom issue, I don’t KNOW that they’re wrong. I can’t make a case for them being wrong. At least not a case that I find compelling enough to make me sure.

If anything, it seems me that bathrooms segregate based on biological sex, not on gender. Seems that bathrooms are about keeping exposed penises away from exposed vaginas. They are not about keeping male-presenting people away from female-presenting people. At least it makes more sense to me that way.

And that sucks.

That sucks big time.

I have been using women’s bathrooms regularly since I transitioned. I have never had a problem. No one has ever given me a strange look or a double take. And I’m pretty sensitive to that sort of stuff.

We don’t make people reveal any other aspect of their biology. In fact we have very strict laws in place to ensure that our biological information is kept private. My sex, the state of my genitals, or any other aspect of my sexuality, is private.


Today we went out for Easter buffet

My whole extended family met at the restaurant for lunch: my mom and dad, my ex-wife, the kids, and me. It was nice…until I had to go to the bathroom. No gender-neutral bathroom.


Today is my first day since I made this decision. And I REALLY have to go.

I look around. No one is near the bathrooms. I peek in the men’s room. No one seems to be in there. Good.

I dart in quickly.

Urinals. Weird. Haven’t seen those in years.

I try to open a stall. First one’s locked. Someone’s in there. Damn.

To the next one. It’s open. I enter and lock the stall door.

Ah. Safety.

I look under the wall of the stall and see a pair of men’s shoes. I look at my feet. I am wearing women’s boots with a three inch block heel. I shift my feet to the far side of the toilet, hoping the man does not see my feet. He probably already did.

Someone else comes in and I hear him using the urinal. I’m done with my business now but I’m freaked out. I’m not going to leave. Not while he’s out there. Not until he’s gone.

He takes a looooooong time.

Finally he leaves. The guy in the shoes is still in the stall next to me. What if I get up and he gets up at the same moment? Won’t that be awkward when I leave the stall?

I stand up. Automatic flush on the toilet. Ugh. Really?! I didn’t need to announce that I was done. Now I have no excuse to stay in here if the guy in the shoes gets up to leave.

But he doesn’t. He stays sitting. I readjust my clothes.

He’s still sitting. Deep breath.

I quickly open the stall door and dash out of the bathroom. Today, washing hands is an unnecessary luxury.


But don’t I pass?

As far as I know, I “pass” as a woman. I never get ANY social cues in my day-to-day life that I don’t. When I have told a few coworkers that I’m trans, they all acted quite surprised.

A few folks on Twitter have felt it was very important to convince me that I do not pass and that literally every single person I encounter daily is just being nice. I have no logical way to prove them wrong.

But passing is a non-issue anyway. If bathrooms are segregated based on sex rather than gender, then passing is irrelevant. I am biologically male, and nothing I do could ever change that.

I take it very seriously that my actions line up with my beliefs. I made this decision to stop using public, multi-stall women’s bathrooms after a few nights of having my conscience tug at me.

Therefore, segregated bathrooms mean that I will have to broadcast to the world that I am transgender every single time I have to pee.  So yeah, that decision sucks beyond words.


I hated Easter dinner today

Maybe I made a dumb decision with this whole bathroom thing. But this is where I stand. This is who I am as a person.


I hate gender. I hate gender. I hate gender.