How Radfems can Win Back the LGBT Community

I’ve had a several women ask my advice in the last couple of weeks about how radfems can get transgender folks, especially transwomen, to listen to them. Here is my advice.

Six steps to gain an audience with someone who disagrees with you:

  1. Establish which side you’re on
  2. Overcommunicate respect for the other side
  3. Adopt the other side’s vocabulary
  4. Start by finding agreement
  5. Present the other side’s case as strongly as you can
  6. Understate the strength of your own argument


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Doobly Doo:

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Let’s Bring Back Michfest

The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, better known as Michfest, ended in 2015. Its demise was caused by the refusal of the organizers to welcome transwomen to the festival. I personally know a lot of womyn who were devestated by the loss. Here is how we can bring back Michfest.

Regarding the tag at the end of the video…yes, I still call myself Dad, because I think the kids still deserve to have a dad. But they use she/her pronouns for me. Mostly it’s just the youngest ones that still call me Dad. The older ones just call me Rya.


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